Q: Where does Jackson Property Management Inland Empire manage property?

A: Jackson Property Management Inland Empire covers the Inland Empire region

Q: What types of properties do we manage?

A: Jackson Property Management Inland Empire manages a large variety of properties including single family homes, townhomes, condos, multi-plexes, and more.

Q: What does Jackson Property Management Inland Empire charge for management?

A: We offer a simple and cost effective fee structure for the management of your properties. Contact us for a free custom quote for the management of multi-plexes and multi-family units. For single-family homes, condos, and townhomes we have a low one time setup fee. This fee covers all the costs of advertising your property. There are NO leasing fees and there never will be! Our management fee covers management of your property 24x7x365 and is a small percentage of the rent collected, if you don’t collect rent we don’t charge you.

Q: Who Determines rent?

A: Our experienced managers will use their knowledge, experience, and the latest tools to recommend a rent price. We allow the property owner to choose the final rent price.

Q: How fast can you rent my property?

A: This will depend on many different factors. Our average turnaround time for properties that are rent ready, and priced at market rates is 26 days. Properties that are priced above market rates, and are not in rent ready condition will usually take much longer to rent.

Q: Who pays for the maintenance costs?

A: The owner is responsible for paying the costs of repairs. Unless the tenant is responsible for damage or neglect to the property.

Q: Why Choose Jackson Property Management Inland Empire?

A: We offer the highest value when it comes to property management in the inland empire. We offer a comprehensive and cost effective service that will take the stress of being a land lord off your shoulders. Signing up with Jackson Property Management Inland Empire is a decision which you, your family, and your check book will be grateful for!