We specialize in smaller residential properties, including single-family homes, condos and townhouses, and entire apartment complexes. We also manage smaller office spaces and storage unit complexes.

However, should you need a property manager for a larger retail space, commercial facility, or industrial properties, we'd be happy to recommend a qualified agent.

We carefully screen all tenants, ensuring that they're able to make monthly payments on time and that they will care for your property. This includes background and criminal checks, plus employment verification. The general requirement for income is that prospective tenants make at least 2 ½ times the rental amount.

We'll also contact their prior landlords to inquire about their stability as a tenant and the condition that they left their property in. Part of this includes asking about their behavior as a tenant, such as excessive repairs and noise complaints. If there are some extenuating circumstances, we may do a further background check, or reach out to you for approval.

The market will largely determine how quickly we can lease your residential property or small office space. However, we're just as interested in keeping your unit or units full as you are, and right now, we have an extremely robust market for both office space and residential rentals, and generally keep a steady flow of tenants.

There are a few things that can contribute to how fast a residential unit is leased, such as whether or not you accept pets if you allow smoking in the home and the location of the home. Even the time of year can influence how quickly we can lease the space. For office space, location matters, as do the amenities of the space itself.

As property managers, we're required to withhold a percentage of the rents we collect and submit them to the California Franchise Tax Board, so yes, you'll have taxes withheld from your collected rents.

One of the services we offer is completely handling this process for you. We're very familiar with the tax laws regarding California rental properties, and we understand how to properly complete the necessary paperwork for the withholding. Another service we offer is helping you assess your particular financial situation and find exemptions that you qualify for. We'll also help with the accounting for those, making your tax filing simple.

Unfortunately, even with our rigorous screening process, there are circumstances where tenants don't pay their rent for unanticipated reasons. We'll make every effort to work with you and the tenant to secure as much of the outstanding rent as possible, but we do offer a couple of protection programs for you.

Our Eviction Protection Program (EPP) and Rent Protection Programs (RPP) are here especially for these situations, and we prefer that our landlord partners enroll in these programs.

We prefer to remove a tenant without having to resort to an eviction, but should that become necessary, you may be financially responsible for the cost of the eviction, as well as the missed rent (sometimes up to 90 days worth) if you aren't enrolled in these protection programs. The exact amount that you as the property owner may be out will depend on the court's decision of the matter.

We start with selecting tenants that have demonstrated that they're going to treat your property as if it were their own. All tenants are required to purchase renters' insurance and property damage insurance in order to protect the property from accidental damages or to enroll in our own tenant program. We also conduct annual inspections of the property to make sure that it's being well-maintained and that there aren't any small maintenance issues we can take care of.

We encourage all our property owners to sign up for the Preventative Maintenance Program (service for the HVAC and other major systems), which allows us to visit multiple times a year to check the unit and perform preventative maintenance on the HVAC system and any included appliances. We also use Preferred Vendors for repairs and maintenance, and these vendors will report back to us any observations of lease violations, uncleanliness, or any suspicious activity.

We keep apprised of the current market rate for comparable rentals, which affects how much your property will lease for. While some property owners base their decisions based on a percentage of their mortgage, or what they "hear" they can rent for, often, this can result in higher vacancies and less overall rent). We'll provide you actionable figures and guidance for setting the rent for your property, but of course, the final decision is yours.

We have three different distribution dates in the month, the 10th, 20th, and 30th, and your distribution date will depend on the date that your rent is due. We generally distribute most of the rents on the 10th, through ACH, making the funds available on the next business day (usually the 11th). We'll also post all transactions and banking reports and receipts in your personal owner portal, which you can view in real-time, anytime.

We strongly suggest a Preventative Maintenance schedule to help minimize the likelihood of emergency after-hour repairs or expensive fixes. Plus, keeping your property in overall good repair will reduce the "downtime" in between one tenant leaving and the property is ready to lease to another tenant.

In most cases, we'll have to have the carpets cleaned, walls painted and safety and general maintenance need to be addressed before we can comfortably lease the property. We have preferred vendors for these processes, which can help keep your costs down and ensure that you're getting high-quality work. Should there be repair needs beyond these, we'll turn to our expert repair vendors, which provide prompt, reliable services and transparent billing. We'll also have yo approve maintenance in advance as per your wishes.

Please find our service and pricing page here, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions about your particular property.

California law regulates how we hold all tenant security deposits and pre-paid rent. We use an FDIC Insured Broker Trust Account for safekeeping. Plus, these types of accounts simplify the move-out process, as we can easily deduct and cleaning fees and repairs from the deposit and return the rest.

California law regulates what can and can't be charged to the tenant security deposit. These are:

  • Outstanding rent
  • Cleaning necessary to return the property to the state it was in when first rented
  • Damages (above and beyond what can be considered as normal wear and tear)
  • Anything specifically mentioned in the lease as the tenant's responsibility, such as carpet cleaning or re-keying the locks

We consider our property owners as partners, and we take steps to protect your investment property or properties. To that end, we offer several guarantees, which you can find here.

We can be reached at 909-483-2020 or via email at [email protected]. Our property managers and customer care team are ready to help answer any questions you might have and help you begin the professional property management process. We look forward to working with you!