30-Day No Lease - No Pay Guarantee

With over a decade of managing rental properties in the Inland Empire area, Jackson Property Management is supremely confident in the marketing system we have developed. Provided your property meets our minimum standards, we will have your property leased within 30 days of signing or we will waive your first month's management fees.

Property Conditions:

The property must be vacant when we take it over

Unit must be in move-in condition

Rental fee must be at fair market value as defined by JPM

Must be pet friendly

Limited to our Full Service Plus clients only

1-year Tenant Placement Guarantee

Jackson Property Management has one of the most thorough tenant screening processes in the industry. Because of the high standards that we set for renters, it is rare for one of them to not complete their lease. If the unforeseen should occur requiring the early termination of the lease contract though, we will work with the current tenant to expedite the advertising, screening and placing a new tenant in the rental unit with no leasing fees being charged to the property owner.

  • Only available to Full Service Plus plan clients
  • Does not apply to active duty military service members who have received valid relocation orders

Eviction Protection Plan

Unfortunately owning and managing rental property is that no matter how careful you may be there can occur times when the legal proceedings of a court-ordered eviction may become necessary to regain possession of a rental unit. While this is very rare for properties managed by Jackson Property Management, we understand that the loss of rental income and costs of court proceedings can be very disruptive to our client's income expectations. To help avoid these cash flow disturbances we offer an Eviction Protection Plan for the nominal fee of $16 per month, per rental unit enrolled in the plan.

When properties are enrolled in this plan, Jackson Property Management will pay up to three-thousand dollars ($3,000) in attorney's fees, court costs, and other legal expenses, in connection with an Unlawful Detainer Action (Eviction) for non-payment of rents. This is of course only applicable to tenants placed in properties by Jackson Property Management itself.