Single Family, Condo & Townhome Management

  • Best-in-Class Rental Marketing

    The first challenge associated with property management is making sure your rentals get in front of the right eyes. The marketing experts at JPM North County know exactly where, how, and when to list new properties for maximum exposure to the right audience.

  • Expert Accounting

    When you trust us with your properties, you won't have to worry about the books. From rent collection, management of service invoices, tax payments, and HOA fees, we can handle the entire financial side of property management. And you always have access to all the accounting information in real time through your owner portal.

  • Full-Service Property Management

    At Jackson Property Management North County, we don't take half measures. When you trust a team for property management, you don't want loose ends — that's why we take care of everything from application screening to lease management and maintenance.

Great Marketing Means Great Tenants

We don't cut corners with marketing. We believe your North County property deserves to be discovered.

We Handle Long or Short-Term Properties

Whether you're looking for trustworthy tenants for a long-term arrangement, or you want to cater to short-term vacationers, we can make sure your listing makes it to the right audience.

Beautiful Listings Raise Demand for Your Properties

We take professional photos and videos of your properties and perform thorough market analyses, before making sure it's prominent on some of the largest listing services and websites.

Learn More: Our Top-Performing Marketing Plan

What's the proven system we use at Jackson Property Management North County to ensure that you receive the best marketing services available for your property? Watch our video to learn more!

Great Tenants Means Happy Owners

At JPM North County, we have a proven system to make sure your properties are occupied by tenants you can trust.

Great Marketing Means Unlimited Possibilities

Finding trustworthy tenants starts before the applications are filled out. With great marketing, we get a large lead pool that we use to refine in follow-up and pick out the right kind of tenants.

We Handle the Whole Process

Great tenant relationships don't start or stop when the lease is signed. From the initial follow-ups to showings, applicant screening, maintenance, and rent collection, the team at JPM North County takes pride in being easy to work with, for you, and for your tenants.

Proven Tenant Screening You Can Trust

We've developed a well proven tenant screening system that's proven to help us placed the best tenants in your property and minimize the time a property is empty, which means more profits for you, year after year. To learn more about how we protect your property and cash flow, watch our video.

Great Maintenance Means Happy Tenants

Maintenance is important to limit liability, keep tenants happy, and keep costs associated with your property as low as possible.

Reliable Inspections to Diagnose Risk Before Damage Occurs

Maintenance that occurs when something breaks is much more expensive than preventative maintenance and pre-emptive repairs and replacement. That's why we insist on regular inspections by seasoned professionals, reporting everything to you in real-time.

A Team of Licensed and Insured Vendors

Maintenance is only as reliable as the people handling it, which is why we only trust maintenance to a experienced team of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors, vendors, and subcontractors.

A Proven Maintenance Program

JPM North County is known for our ability to coordinate maintenance that saves property owners money, and that should be music to your ears. Watch our video to learn more about how we've become north San Diego's maintenance pros.

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